Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

For the new year, I have decided to try a few new things. At the top of the list, is this blog.... I am an avid blog follower and technically never really started blogging here on HOUSE OF MIA. I have always wanted to, so why not start now?! 

I plan on sharing everything from Mia's outfit of the day details, tutorials, product favs, recipes, etc.. & of course I will keep you updated on all things House of Mia related! Sounds fun, right?!

Of course I have to start with an OOTD post, because this girl of mine has some fierce style! I'm actually a little jealous of her closet.. Anyone else find themselves wishing they could fit into their kiddos clothes? I pretty much do, on the daily. 

Outfit details:
Jcrew floral raglan // Freshly Picked moccasins // House of Mia knotted headband // Gapkids jeans

xo, R & M   

1 comment:

  1. Love this! What a cutie. I wonder if I could get that top in a large enough size to fit me? I'm off to J Crew to check it out!