Friday, January 31, 2014

W E A R | Mia's FAVORITE raglan T // styled four ways

Mia & and I are definitely T-shirt and jeans kinda girls. HELLO Apparel is definitely one of our go-to shops for great sweatshirts & T's, and this Heart raglan has become one of our all time favorites! It was released just in time for Valentine's Day and looks so cute with just about everything... 

Here are four looks featuring some of our favs! 

HELLO Valentine's Day 3/4 Raglan T // GAPkids Boyfriend Jeans & heart sunnies (last year) // House of Mia + Sophie & Lili XOXO infinity scarf

HELLO Valentine's Day 3/4 Raglan T // Freshly Picked gold moccasins // House of Mia + Sophie & Lili XOXO leggings // JCREW cambray button down // GAPkids polka dot beanie (last year)

Cute, huh? What's your favorite look? 

xo, R & A

Monday, January 27, 2014

Guest Blogger: Love, Joleen | 6 Tips for Photographing Your Toddler | XOXO Sophie & Lili for House of Mia Photoshoot

Photographing your toddler can be is usually a pretty challenging task. Let's face it -- at this age, they're movers and shakers, and it's typically not very FUN sitting for your portrait being taken. As a photographer and mama to a 14 month old terror toddler, myself, I have learned a lot of tricks along the way. I know, first hand, that it's easier to work with other people's children than your own in many ways. I will be honest and say that my feelings toward photographing my son, as a newly established runner, were not the most pleasant for a while. It was really, rather frustrating for me. I had to take a step back, mentally, and think about what I was doing all of this for. As a professional photographer and blogger, I take photos of Benjamin constantly. Instead of being stressed about everything being "perfect" [especially for product reviews], I've learned to [mostly] let it be. I never want my son or myself to look back on our experiences, with this, negatively. Since changing my attitude and approach, we have produced some of my most favorite photos of him to date! It is in this spirit that I've come up with 6 tips to share with you, for photographing your own toddler!

Tip #1 PROPS!
Even if you don't have a full-on set up like this, you can still incorporate props. You want to engage your toddler by having them HOLD something. This can even be part of their wardrobe, in the form of accessories like a hat, scarf, or sunglasses. Other ideas include signs, favorite toys or books, and various garland, depending on the theme or time of year. Don't worry if they're not holding it "right". For example, even though Miss Harper is covering portions of "Be Mine" and "Love", we still know what it says!
Tip #2 Don't Fret!
During my photo sessions and shoots, you will never hear me say, "Say Cheese". I might say, "Show me your smile" at some point, if I'm unable to conjure one up naturally, but that's not very common. In most instances, I truly don't mind no smiling. In fact, my advice to you is simply, don't fret! Kid's tend to offer up a plethora of expressions, from the most serious and thoughtful, to the hysterical. If your toddler won't even look at the camera, don't fret about that either! Photos of children engaging in their own little world, oftentimes make for the most interesting photos in a series. Try to think up a couple go-to "make you laugh" scenarios before attempting your "session". For my son, it means saying, "I'm going to tickle you!", in a sing song voice while moving toward him. Harper's mama knew the trick with her was to have her sing to us! 
Tip #3 Engage! 
Another way to engage with your toddler and get cute, natural poses at the same time, would be to ask questions ("Where is your belly button?") or offer gentle and fun directions ("Blow Mommy  kisses!").
Tip #4 Incorporate Something "Special"! 
Most children adore balloons! Try to think of something new or special to introduce during your photo session. Want something special in your toddler's birthday photos? These balloons, the handmade tissue paper tassels, and felt hearts, though they did take quite a bit of time, cost me less than $15 total. Bam. Also, consider a "special" seat and say things like, "Can you be a big girl (or boy) and sit in this special seat?" And if that doesn't work and you're in a safe environment with another adult to help you, you might consider allowing something truly different on the special seat - standing! *gasp*
Tip #5 Bribes? I think YES! 
This tip isn't for everyone, which is totally fine, but I am definitely not above bribery. I will even ask parent clients of toddlers/young children if "trading" in this way is okay and half the time they've already bribed their kid on the way over to our shoot location anyway. The trick for photographing my nephew is jellybeans. For some babes, Cheerios or gold fish work just fine. You can get organic suckers from Trader Joe's, like we do, for just such special occasions. Food, in general, can make a really cute prop, too! I recently did a "hot chocolate picnic" themed session with sisters, that turned out super cute! In this photo shoot, we used gum balls as a prop for color, with no intentions at all for her to eat, (which she didn't, though she tried).. and how adorable is she with them?! Nom nom.
Tip #6 It's All in the Details! 
This might actually be my favorite tips because this is what it's all about: the details. Photographing your toddler is about capturing that moment in time. You'll look back at your photos with wonder and nostalgia. Your children will adore pouring over the albums and scrapbooks you put together with photos and memories of them. They will thank you for capturing the most "mundane" of details. The pigtails. The chubby fingers. The pure joy. The tears. All of it is important. All of it is what makes up your toddler. Next time you have 5 minutes to chase around your toddler taking photos, try to zoom in and see what you get. I think you're going to like it!
All photos are from my recent photo shoot for the new XOXO print from Sophie & Lili for House of Mia.

Photography: Joleen Pete Photography
Model: Miss Harper, daughter of Jessica from Little Baby Garvin
Prop/Set Design + Styling: Joleen Pete Photography // Love, Joleen
Chalkboard: J&Paper // Little Baby Garvin
Wardrobe: Sophie & Lili for House of Mia XOXO print leggings, headband, and infinity scarf // Frosted Rose and Cherry Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked // J&Paper for SaSeaDecor "Olive You" Raglan Baseball Tee

Joleen Pete is a Southern California transplant, living and loving it in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their son, Benjamin. She's the professional photographer behind Joleen Pete Photography and the mama/blogger behind the Lifestyle/Baby blog, Love, Joleen. She blogs about family life, fashion, shopping, and crafty goodness. She loves books and a good DIY. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Love, Joleen

I'm so excited to be a guest blogger on Love, Joleen today! I'm sharing Mia's OOTD - vday edition. Oh, and there might be an exclusive discount offered, so go check it out!

xo, R & A

Friday, January 10, 2014

Pop of color

I'm sure by now, it is pretty clear to see that we love black and white around here. Besides being simple & classic, the combination of black and white is proving its staying power by being one of the top trends of 2014. No surprise here!  While shopping for Mia's birthday I saw b+w everywhere. GapKids has so many adorable options. I fell in love with this quilted knit jacket and these black on black polka dot jeans.  I knew our HoM polka dot scarf would pair perfectly and this mustard color crossbody bag ...come on! 
Outfit details:
GapKids quilted jacket // polka dot jeans // crossbody bag // House of Mia scarf

xo, R & A 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

heart obsessed

Today only (offer expires at midnight) purchase both our Heart leggings + Heart headband and save $5 // use code: HEARTS //  ❤

photo credit: @adndesigns

How perfect is this outfit? HoM always looks fab worn with Whistle & Flute

xo, R & A

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

For the new year, I have decided to try a few new things. At the top of the list, is this blog.... I am an avid blog follower and technically never really started blogging here on HOUSE OF MIA. I have always wanted to, so why not start now?! 

I plan on sharing everything from Mia's outfit of the day details, tutorials, product favs, recipes, etc.. & of course I will keep you updated on all things House of Mia related! Sounds fun, right?!

Of course I have to start with an OOTD post, because this girl of mine has some fierce style! I'm actually a little jealous of her closet.. Anyone else find themselves wishing they could fit into their kiddos clothes? I pretty much do, on the daily. 

Outfit details:
Jcrew floral raglan // Freshly Picked moccasins // House of Mia knotted headband // Gapkids jeans

xo, R & M